End of our first “Summer Break”


So schools been back in for a few weeks now.  We’re starting to fall into routine.  Days are getting shorter, that breeze is a little cooler, the leaves are starting to rustle…school is back in, summer is over, I’m starting to want to make all things pumpkin.


Summer break went well, it wasnt the scrapbook-esque vision I had in mind in May, but we had some lovely moments.  We had some not so lovely moments too, but lets not blog about all those.  We only want the highlights reel online right?  


We did summer reading program, we happily turned in our reading log with our 15 books, which paled in comparison to the kids with hundreds of books..but we enjoyed ourselves, enjoyed the programs.  Had a good time, read a few books, saw a few great presentations.  Magic show, mad scientist, Kindermusic, made straw rockets and launched them, saw some cool science experiments.


We did some gardening…we picked beans, we canned beans.  We picked and shucked a LOT of corn.  We did tomatoes.  We picked and put up blackberries.  We fried and froze okra.  We ate and pickled squash.  We shelled and canned beans and peas.  We let the laundry and toys pile up while we worked on the garden stuff.  We got stressed over the mess, but we got through.

wpid-20140706_134831.jpg wpid-img_20140623_152107_445.jpg wpid-img_213512538696034.jpeg

We had VBS at church.  We learned about some weird animals.  We’re still singing the songs.  Right after VBS we went right into birthday parties…all 3 of them, not including the mini parties to make their days special.  Right after birthday parties, while still amid the mess of wrapping paper and rearranged furniture we went right into getting ready for school. 


Now, schools in.  Its September.  We’re having math tests and spelling words and reading homework.  We’re starting preschool at home with James.  

All in all summer was good.  I wish we would have worked on more “stay in practice” work.  I wish we would have had less stare at the TV days.  I wish we would have played outside more.  But life is life, schedules and plans are made to be broken.  Now we’ll focus on doing our best in first grade and enjoying the fall…I forsee apple picking, pumpkin patch, hiking trips, Dutch Oven cooking, and days that Im not going to blog about thrown in there too.  😉 

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