Nutella Banana Muffins

I always feel so frugal and smart when I actually use up those overripe bananas.  My family is picky and dont like “yucky nasty” brown ones.  So once that little bit of green is gone they are done for.  And we go in spells…sometimes I can’t buy enough bananas to make it to the overripe stage, and sometimes I’ll find the whole bunch turning brown.  Which is when I pretend I’m super frugal and “waste not want not” and make them into something new.  I’ve tried several recipes over the years for banana bread.  All were so so.  Most of it would be eaten, some would be left.  But this…this recipe rarely makes it to day two!  They are that good.  I found it on good ole Pinterest and I’ve made it several times.  It makes life “the best day ever!”  And I feel good about letting my kids devour the “Chocolate Banana Cupcakes”.  🙂

Here is where the recipe came from…

I’m not going to tutorial the whole thing…you can read and follow a recipe right?  🙂  And dont be intimidated…the lovely cute chocolate nutella swirls are not nearly as complicated as they may appear.   They sure do look impressive though dont they?  But in my house, with three little boys…the beauty is lost for the fact its nutella…

You just mix up your batter.  Put into muffin tins..and if you are like me and dont plan ahead you put them in Christmas papers in September because you cant find any others.,


Add a “glob” of nutella… 1/2tsp, I didnt even measure.,  I just used a baby spoon.  Nothing technical here, doesnt have to be consistent or neat.


Then I took a tooth pick and “swirled”.  Again not technical.  Just try to get Nutella swirled around so each but will get some.  Don’t “stir” in so its mixed in, just kinda draw it out a bit.


Then they’ll look like this.


I even did a few in my mini loaf pan (which is more like bars) to see how it would do.  Its silicone but I just sprayed it a bit.


Bake those babies up!  About 15 mins does it.


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