Opinions…thoughts from the blackberry patch…

Today (as most days but it seems a lot more lately) social media is flooded with thoughts, opinions, lessons, and open letters (what IS an Open Letter anyway?) on all the controversial issues…gender, flags, marriage…and all kinda of “stuff”.  This stay at home mama stepped outside to pick blackberries while the kids were watching Thomas the Train (or at least thats what I HOPED they were doing).  As I was alone with my thoughts…no one demanding food or other random things…silence other than buzzing insects..I formed my own opinions on all these issues.

However…my opinion on these really isnt relevant…some sides of some of these issues I adamantly disagree with and dislike.  Some of the opinions I read and some things make me down right sad at times.  However, I love Jesus.  I know He loves everybody.  I know I’m not perfect (I know its hard to believe).  Having a blog and a Facebook account do not  make me smarter than anyone else.  What others do actually has very little impact on what I do and how I live.

I love people.  The world has some beautiful people in it.  And know what..a lot of those people and I really disagree on a lot of things..but I still kinda like some of them.  My thoughts are…I’ll be friends with you unless you are mean to me…and even then sometimes Im a sucker.  We try to teach our kids to be nice.  But we are really ugly sometimes.  We think we can hide behind our selfies and say whatever we want.  What does that teach our children?  Are we nice?  Disagreeing doesnt and shouldnt mean hating.  Its really sad that on both sides of issues thats what we think…you disagree with my choices?  You must HATE me?  Jesus hung out with all kinds of people.  Some people society detested…

Ok..so if you came here to see what I had to say on it all and how I felt about topics..you came to the wrong place.  Sure I am passionate about my opinions, I kinda love a good debate at times.  But I’ll save that for closed groups where I know we all will still be friends in the end.  Or with my husband…man we can talk for hours on topics…and its great because we usually agree and he tells me I’m pretty.

Agree to disagree…be nice.  And like my oldest says “Get off electronics and enjoy nature…too much electronics is not good for you.”  Too much Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all those other things are awesome tools..they make the world smaller in a good way.  I mean how else would you all know what an awesome mom I am…there are so many pictures of my kids with the toys and laundry piles shoved out of the shot…smiling faces threatened with bodily harm and the magic of a digital camera to get “just one happy picture for mommy!”

Now…I’m off to make blackberry jam and frost the 23 cupcakes for a family reunion tomorrow (they were not just watching Thomas the Train).

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