Breast Cancer “Awareness”

Ah…it’s that time again.   Time to pretend to be doing something by playing a game.  This time its posting a “selfie” sans make up for a good cause.   Be “brave” ladies.   Um..what?  Is our self worth linked to our make up?  Are we generally unsuitable without?  Is being yourself really a challenge?  A sacrifice?  What message does this send our children?   I wonder if the cancer victims and families think your cell phone photo on Facebook is an act of bravery in their honor? 

Oh…but it has everyone talking…maybe…but maybe we should talk about what matters.  Have your done a self exam recently?  Have you had a mammogram?  Did you know men get breast cancer to?  Have you donated to a charity of your choice?  Have you hugged a survivor and said “Im glad you’re here.”  Have you fixed a meal for a family whose mom/wife is going through treatment? 

I must admit,  Im guilty of not doing a lot of those things.   Facebook games are fun, fine to participate in, but dont be fooled into thinking this is any kind of “challenge” or act of bravery.   I have family who are survivors.  I have family who lost their battle.  I have friends who annually send their mom a card, thankful for another year away from this monster. 

Post your pics proudly….for you.  Because you are beautiful without make up or fixed hair.   Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Post your pics with make up and fixed hair because you enjoy it.  But also call your friend and ask her to check herself.   Talk about what really matters.



Just kids…



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They are totally adorable….


Don’t you agree?