Menu Planning

One of my New Year goals is to do better with my menu planning and shopping.   Hubby gets paid every two weeks so Id like to get into a routine of a two week menu plan with a two week shopping trip.

For fun and accountability Im going to blog my plan, then follow up with the reality of what we actually had.   Ive had other friends express a similar interest so if anyone wants to join the foodie blogging fun, please link me!  Since I like to pretend Im a cool food blogger, Ill have pics and maybe a recipe or two.

My menu plan always has meat.   Usually meat from family farm or venison.   Pretty Southern in nature.   Lots of crockpot-ing.
My menu plan: (veggies and sides are TBD)
-Monday: Chicken and Dumplings
-Tuesday: Chili w Fritos
-Wednesday: Spaghetti
-Thursday: Tacos
-Friday: Beef and Broccoli
-Saturday: Chicken Alfredo
-Sunday: Red Beans and Rice

And to get back on “payday” schedule I’ll do my next two weeks on Thursday and review this next Sunday! 🙂  Join me in the menu fun.  We dont do any special diets so Id love to see some new ideas and variety.


2 thoughts on “Menu Planning

  1. I told hubby that I wish we could do a 2-week shopping trip. Would make things so much easier on us and the girls. But reality is, we need to buy some things weekly (realistically … I’d love to go to the store every 3 days for produce); so every 2 weeks just wouldn’t work for us. If you figure out how to make produce last for 2 weeks I’d love to hear it!!!

    • We honestly don’t do huge amounts of fresh produce…my produce list is usually: apples, bananas, grapes, potatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, tomato. We eat a lot of frozen veggies with meals. Im sure its probably not absolute healthiest but if I vary too much I just have to toss it when they don’t eat it.

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