Opinions…thoughts from the blackberry patch…

Today (as most days but it seems a lot more lately) social media is flooded with thoughts, opinions, lessons, and open letters (what IS an Open Letter anyway?) on all the controversial issues…gender, flags, marriage…and all kinda of “stuff”.  This stay at home mama stepped outside to pick blackberries while the kids were watching Thomas the Train (or at least thats what I HOPED they were doing).  As I was alone with my thoughts…no one demanding food or other random things…silence other than buzzing insects..I formed my own opinions on all these issues.

However…my opinion on these really isnt relevant…some sides of some of these issues I adamantly disagree with and dislike.  Some of the opinions I read and some things make me down right sad at times.  However, I love Jesus.  I know He loves everybody.  I know I’m not perfect (I know its hard to believe).  Having a blog and a Facebook account do not  make me smarter than anyone else.  What others do actually has very little impact on what I do and how I live.

I love people.  The world has some beautiful people in it.  And know what..a lot of those people and I really disagree on a lot of things..but I still kinda like some of them.  My thoughts are…I’ll be friends with you unless you are mean to me…and even then sometimes Im a sucker.  We try to teach our kids to be nice.  But we are really ugly sometimes.  We think we can hide behind our selfies and say whatever we want.  What does that teach our children?  Are we nice?  Disagreeing doesnt and shouldnt mean hating.  Its really sad that on both sides of issues thats what we think…you disagree with my choices?  You must HATE me?  Jesus hung out with all kinds of people.  Some people society detested…

Ok..so if you came here to see what I had to say on it all and how I felt about topics..you came to the wrong place.  Sure I am passionate about my opinions, I kinda love a good debate at times.  But I’ll save that for closed groups where I know we all will still be friends in the end.  Or with my husband…man we can talk for hours on topics…and its great because we usually agree and he tells me I’m pretty.

Agree to disagree…be nice.  And like my oldest says “Get off electronics and enjoy nature…too much electronics is not good for you.”  Too much Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all those other things are awesome tools..they make the world smaller in a good way.  I mean how else would you all know what an awesome mom I am…there are so many pictures of my kids with the toys and laundry piles shoved out of the shot…smiling faces threatened with bodily harm and the magic of a digital camera to get “just one happy picture for mommy!”

Now…I’m off to make blackberry jam and frost the 23 cupcakes for a family reunion tomorrow (they were not just watching Thomas the Train).

Goodbye Kindergarten

We “survived” our first year of school.  Kindergarten for our first child is in the books.  First grade sounds so grown up.   😦
So we flipped a few smilies (that doesn’t go on permanent record right lol).  But last 2 terms he made Honor Roll, which Im pleased with,  however I know he knows SO much more than he puts on paper, but it will come.

He had an amazing teacher and staff, so its a bit bittersweet moving on, but its a good thing.

Now on to summer…we have lots of plans and were going to make the most of it starting now….if you need me Ill be pushing kids on their swings.



The month of May has been quite eventful.  Very ready for June.

To start May,  Isaac, James, and myself got to experience the lovely childhood “thing” of hand, foot, and mouth.  It stunk.  Isaac missed school.   I felt like I had strep.  A few days of misery.  Daddy was spared bc he doesn’t get “loved on” (licked, drinks stolen, food shared) as Mommy.

When we all started recovering, hubby called me from a fire call (he’s a volunteer firefighter) which was odd.  He was calling to let me know the truck was off in a ditch, and that he’d need a ride, and that he may need to go be checked.   This is what I pulled up to…


Miraculously the Good Lord spared my beloved.  He only suffered a few bruises and a sore back.  

In May we also had our annual Search Dog Training Weekend,  the 15th annual.   Isaac got to camp out with his Daddy, Mommy wasn’t brave enough to try it with babies, but they visited a few times.

Then my baby boy graduated Kindergarten.   Such a big boy.   What a long way from my 2lb 14oz 28 weeker.  Weve had our struggles in school,  but overall hes done well.


This week we decided to add to our family,  no, not another baby,  a four legged family member.  Boys have named him Oreo and he is settling in quite well.  First night home he voluntarily joined a sleeping Isaac in bed.   (Though we felt it too soon for that arrangement to be safe.)



So while May was not all bad, there was just way too much excitement in the past few days.   I’m ready for summer, school is out June 3 then we’ll dive right into Summer library program.  Isaac wants to take swim classes.  Vacation Bible School.  And lots of family time with all three boys.

March for Babies


We’ve been fundraising for months and the day finally arrived!  March of Dimes March for Babies walk.  It was a beautiful Spring day,  we had a blast.


The walk was great, its always emotional to see shirts and signs recapping family’s stories.   Babies who you can tell haven’t been home long.  Toddlers and big kids whose journey is just a memory.   Parents without children with tears in their eyes.  This year there were tubs of beads at check in, each mother was encouraged to select appropriate beads signifying their journey.   I proudly sported my 2 purple beads (preemies), 2 black beads (pregnancy loss), and my shiny silver strand (healthy baby).


This year the theme was fairytales with lots of princesses. Having boys…we had knights in shining armour…well..swords and shields.  Isaac was a little smitten with the pretty princesses though.



The boys’ favorite part was the balloon animals.   These folks were amazing.   They didn’t flinch at all when they requested an elephant and a giraffe.   However many tears when they met their end later in the day.
Afterwards we went to the zoo and visited the real thing.  It was a happy exhausting perfect day.


We raised $525 for March of Dimes.  If youd like you may still donate through June 1 to count towards this year’s total.   We’d love your support for this cause.   If you aren’t familiar with our story check my archives for my accounts of my preemies Isaac and James, and our happy ending full term Thomas.

Team Rowbotham March for Babies


Breast Cancer “Awareness”

Ah…it’s that time again.   Time to pretend to be doing something by playing a game.  This time its posting a “selfie” sans make up for a good cause.   Be “brave” ladies.   Um..what?  Is our self worth linked to our make up?  Are we generally unsuitable without?  Is being yourself really a challenge?  A sacrifice?  What message does this send our children?   I wonder if the cancer victims and families think your cell phone photo on Facebook is an act of bravery in their honor? 

Oh…but it has everyone talking…maybe…but maybe we should talk about what matters.  Have your done a self exam recently?  Have you had a mammogram?  Did you know men get breast cancer to?  Have you donated to a charity of your choice?  Have you hugged a survivor and said “Im glad you’re here.”  Have you fixed a meal for a family whose mom/wife is going through treatment? 

I must admit,  Im guilty of not doing a lot of those things.   Facebook games are fun, fine to participate in, but dont be fooled into thinking this is any kind of “challenge” or act of bravery.   I have family who are survivors.  I have family who lost their battle.  I have friends who annually send their mom a card, thankful for another year away from this monster. 

Post your pics proudly….for you.  Because you are beautiful without make up or fixed hair.   Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Post your pics with make up and fixed hair because you enjoy it.  But also call your friend and ask her to check herself.   Talk about what really matters.