Recipe Review-Crockpot Beef and Broccoli

This is one of my family’s favorite crock pot meals.  I got the recipe off Pinterest,  but here’s our slightly modified version.

The original recipe calls for “chuck roast sliced 1/4″ thick”.  I use venison “jerky” cuts…we have plenty on hand, already sliced,  easy peasy.  1 pkg, around a pound.

In measuring cup, I mix beef bullion with 1 cup water (recipe calls for broth or consommé, I always just use bullion so I dont waste half can of broth or whatever).  I then add 1/2 soy sauce and “handfull” brown sugar (recipe says 1/3 cup).  Then a couple spoons minced garlic (I keep a jar on hand bc Im lazy,  lol), and about a tablespoon oil.  (Recipe says sesame oil, I’ve never used or purchased sesame oil…maybe one day Ill try it).  Stir and pour all that over meat.  Cook on low all day or high half day (technical huh?).


About 30 mins before “dinner time” remove some of the sauce and mix with 2 tablespoons corn starch and dump back in and stir.  Then dump a bag of frozen broccoli (or fresh) on too, cover,  turn on high and broccoli will cook as sauce thickens.   While this goes,  cook some rice.



Now heres where mine messed up tonight, Ive done it many times but tonight my broccoli stayed cold and sauce wouldn’t thicken,  so I dumped in sauce pan and cooked it off real quick.


Serve over rice.   So yummy.




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