Little Monster First Birthday Party

 Sorry a little late on this post, things have been crazy the past couple months as we wrapped up summer, birthdays, and started back to school.

Littlest boy turned one on July 22.  With the help of Pinterest for a few ideas we threw him a Little Monster first birthday party.  We do first birthdays with a family meal so we had a cookout.

For invitations I printed the information on a half of a piece of green cardstock.  I suppose any color could be used.  Our tag line was “our little monster is turning one come have some cake and join the fun”.  I then folded in half and glue different size and combo of googly eyes on the front, then drew  a simple mouth.  Each invitation was a little different.  Sorry I neglected to get a good pic.  But I think the concept is pretty simple.  

For decorations I carried out the googly eye theme.  I did a monster banner with different colors of card stock, googly eyes, and glued triangles onto a strip of ribbon.



We also picked up a package of balloon animals and thanks to instructions and YouTube Daddy made a few creations, including a one eyed monsters, pretty much like the guy from Monsters Inc.


Cake was “contracted out” because I didnt want the mess or hassle.  We have a great cake lady who is very very reasonable so I just tell her what I need.  VERY worth it for me.  I do enjoy dabbling in some cake decorating but  I also enjoy removing any stressor and mess from my kitchen!  I sent her an inspiration idea for cupcakes and then picked up our two dozen monsters.  Very pleased.


Food was simple.  And made as much “ahead” as I could manage.  We had burgers, potato salad, and baked beans (in crockpot) which took a lot of the stress off of me and I could focus on cleaning, decorating, and enjoying his special day.  I didnt go too overboard with cute food, even though I saw some neat ideas.  I did give potato salad a face…



Of course, can’t forget the birthday boy.  I made him a super cute first birthday shirt to go with his special day.  Not much of a tutorial or explanation for it.  Just cut out a number one, had my mother in law embroider his name on it for me.  Then I never found the right mouth to embroider and ironing on didnt work so we just painted it.  It worked surprisingly well.   Added some button eyes.  And appliqued them on.  MUCH easier than the Lego people from my earlier post.  (I’m not an applique fan!)



All in all I think the party was pretty successful.  He had cake, got gifts, and was celebrated.  Now he is one.  Next year, I think I’m doing one big party for all three boys.  Theme still to be decided but I figure I have time right?


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