Dear James

Dear James,
 Today you are three!  I forget sometimes that you are still just a little boy, you are so independent and grown up sometimes.  You’ve always been one to make your mark and make yourself known.  You even tried to steal Isaac’s birthday!  However, when that didnt work you made your own excitement, you were supposed to stay put and I was supposed to enjoy my leisurely 12 week hospital stay, instead on day three you caused all kinds of excitement and sent mommy into emergency surgery.

I was strangely not all that scared to welcome you at 25 weeks and 2lb2oz.  I had done this “NICU thing” before, we could handle it, you’d be okay.  We knew God was holding your hand.  And He truly was.  You still amaze everyone that you had ZERO issues, just a few “normal” things.  You needed NO therapy at all.  And you are SO smart.  But I’m not surprised, I knew all along what a miracle you were.  You see, we’re used to miracles in this family.  You were conceived after two miscarriages, even though I miss those babies I never knew, they were watching over you and sent me you.

Sometimes as the middle child you get forgotten.  But you are such vivacious child you could never be truly forgotten.  You had to become a big brother before you were two, but you can handle it. The phrase “thats just James” is spoken often in our house.  You are the one with the bumps, the bruises, the “troublemaker” as Isaac says.

You are my farm boy.  You’d drive the tractor and feed the cows all day long.  Your older brother would just rather design the automation to do it for him.  I’m so proud of you, I cant wait to see what you become.  As you turn three, please remember you are still mama’s little boy and give me a few snuggles here and there OK?

Happy Birthday My Jamesy Boy, my James David, mama loves you bunches and bunches.



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