I hope my boys stay close and grow up to be friends and not just brothers into adulthood.   I hope their wives become friends with each other.  I hope their children are friends.  I hope they dont squabble too much and look down on one another.  I hope they live relatively near each other.  I hope they never feel lonely.

Friends in life come and go.  Friendships have seasons.  People lose touch on accident.   People choose to lose touch.  Life is not a sitcom where you meet in a coffee house and laugh about your day.  Our great society of instantaneous contact gives us the false sense that we actually have 541 “friends” when the reality is 537 of them wouldn’t recognize you in WalMart. 

Social media gives us the highlights.  Shows us the fun moments.  Lets us see the happy selfies when were home in our sweats wishing for something to do.  It lets us look at growing kids without ever meeting them, or caring to.  Lets us say “Happy Birthday” but never have to bother with a cake.  Its nice. Its handy. Its easy.   Its sad.

Yes, today Im sad.  Im a little lonely.   Feeling a little pitiful.   But its okay, I have 541 friends though, right?  Don’t get me wrong, I have friends.  But the majority of the time Im not the hang out friend.  Most everybody has someone they do stuff with, a sister, a sister in law, a cousin,  a really close friend…..those things I do not have.  Which is why I hope my boys stick together.  Being lonely is no fun.  Especially for someone who is somewhat an introvert.   I hope my sons never ask themselves “what’s wrong with me?  Why am I excluded/forgotten/ignored?” 

Who are your real friends?   Family?  Neighbors?   A kindred soul who lives in your computer?



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