Fourth Week of Summer Break

Country life has slowed down some of our summer adventures as garden is maturing and we’ve been canning a lot.  Today we are finishing up the last of the green beans.  This will give us about 40 quarts in our pantry.  Canning is a new challenge with my 3 “helpers” but they’ll grow up appreciating this “art” and the skill and importance of self sustainability.




I want my children to grow up knowing food doesn’t come “from the back room of the grocery store” (as a PBS clip tells them).  Food comes from farms of all sizes and its important to know how to feed your family yourself.  

In addition to green beans we are having a bumper crop of blackberries.   Jelly, berries in syrup, and a cobbler have been made with many more berries to come.


We did make it to the library this week, we didnt spend all our time on the farm.  They learned about rockets and made and launched their own.


The big boys got long overdue summer hair cuts. 


Mom did some sewing and the boys got to try out the capes I made for a customer.


We had plenty of outside play.  We had a family reunion.   We enjoyed some fireworks.


This next week proves to be full.  Working on garden stuff.  Celebrating the 4th.  Now off to finish my beans before my helpers get into them.


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