Second Week of Summer Break

Our second week of summer break was more chaotic but we still had lots of fun and learning activities and intentional play/family time. 

Monday we kicked it off with summer library program.  Taking all 3 boys to library by myself made me nervous but Im trying not to let the chaos of three little guys prevent us from missing out on things.  The presentation was KinderSongs and kids loved it.  All three clapped and danced and were great.


Tuesday they learned about election process and spent quality time with grandma when mommy and daddy worked the runoff election.   Wednesday was no more exciting as mommy had to teach a Dutch Oven cooking class get new tires on the car.  However,  big boys got snow cones and introduced to a ‘so awesome’ store known as Dollar Tree while we waited.  

Thursday visiting cousin accompanied us to library, since I was confident with 3 kids I decided to do 4 by myself.  Kids were mostly good, though they did try to vie for the attention of the one girl.   Since theme is science kids blew bubbles.   Tons of fun.


Friday we did some garden work.  Looks like we’ll be canning beans very soon.



Isaac also chose this day to cut his own hair.  I wasn’t mad, its just a kid thing and it was bound to happen one day.  At least it’s summer and time for a good short cut.  He was truly remorseful over it.


Saturday cousins played some more and we got some shopping done.  Finally made Hobby Lobby so some sewing is in my future.
Sunday we celebrated the best Daddy.   We made him a yummt breakfast,  grilled burgers for lunch, snuggled on the couch and watched a movie, then made a yummy supper of Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas and a yummy new pie recipe.  



After our nighttime bath we worked hard and a starting week organized and picked up.  This week will be another good week.  Now off to wake up boys to get this party started!


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