First Week of Summer Break

Wednesday started our very first summer break.  Im intent on creating memories,  building better habits in us all, and staying busy and enjoying every moment before we head into First Grade and (homeschool) preschool.
We started out with a nifty schedule because I like things in writing and nifty charts.


We did good with it, we followed it relatively loosely, but it gave us a good guideline. 
We had a lot of outside time.  We jumped in puddles, climbed trees, dug holes, swung on the swings,  and just general boy-ness.


We had some “educational” fun.  We picked blueberries and came home and made yummy blueberry muffins.  We did a couple quick “school” lessons to stay fresh.  We met a new friend,  who Google told us was a future Luna Moth, we set him free and hope to see him again.


By Friday the kids were moving slower, they are going to have to adjust to their abundance of playtime, so they enjoyed lots of Legos and trains.  Overall all three boys played nicely together.

Next week looks to be just as exciting.   We will start the summer reading program at the library,  mom and dad will work run off election which means grandma/grandpa time, and lots of other adventures….


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