The month of May has been quite eventful.  Very ready for June.

To start May,  Isaac, James, and myself got to experience the lovely childhood “thing” of hand, foot, and mouth.  It stunk.  Isaac missed school.   I felt like I had strep.  A few days of misery.  Daddy was spared bc he doesn’t get “loved on” (licked, drinks stolen, food shared) as Mommy.

When we all started recovering, hubby called me from a fire call (he’s a volunteer firefighter) which was odd.  He was calling to let me know the truck was off in a ditch, and that he’d need a ride, and that he may need to go be checked.   This is what I pulled up to…


Miraculously the Good Lord spared my beloved.  He only suffered a few bruises and a sore back.  

In May we also had our annual Search Dog Training Weekend,  the 15th annual.   Isaac got to camp out with his Daddy, Mommy wasn’t brave enough to try it with babies, but they visited a few times.

Then my baby boy graduated Kindergarten.   Such a big boy.   What a long way from my 2lb 14oz 28 weeker.  Weve had our struggles in school,  but overall hes done well.


This week we decided to add to our family,  no, not another baby,  a four legged family member.  Boys have named him Oreo and he is settling in quite well.  First night home he voluntarily joined a sleeping Isaac in bed.   (Though we felt it too soon for that arrangement to be safe.)



So while May was not all bad, there was just way too much excitement in the past few days.   I’m ready for summer, school is out June 3 then we’ll dive right into Summer library program.  Isaac wants to take swim classes.  Vacation Bible School.  And lots of family time with all three boys.

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