March for Babies


We’ve been fundraising for months and the day finally arrived!  March of Dimes March for Babies walk.  It was a beautiful Spring day,  we had a blast.


The walk was great, its always emotional to see shirts and signs recapping family’s stories.   Babies who you can tell haven’t been home long.  Toddlers and big kids whose journey is just a memory.   Parents without children with tears in their eyes.  This year there were tubs of beads at check in, each mother was encouraged to select appropriate beads signifying their journey.   I proudly sported my 2 purple beads (preemies), 2 black beads (pregnancy loss), and my shiny silver strand (healthy baby).


This year the theme was fairytales with lots of princesses. Having boys…we had knights in shining armour…well..swords and shields.  Isaac was a little smitten with the pretty princesses though.



The boys’ favorite part was the balloon animals.   These folks were amazing.   They didn’t flinch at all when they requested an elephant and a giraffe.   However many tears when they met their end later in the day.
Afterwards we went to the zoo and visited the real thing.  It was a happy exhausting perfect day.


We raised $525 for March of Dimes.  If youd like you may still donate through June 1 to count towards this year’s total.   We’d love your support for this cause.   If you aren’t familiar with our story check my archives for my accounts of my preemies Isaac and James, and our happy ending full term Thomas.

Team Rowbotham March for Babies


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