Valentines Day

Im not usually a fan of Valentines…usually because Im married to a practical man who usually isn’t a fan of the traditional cheesy stuff, but I am and usually let myself get disappointed.   And with 3 little boys romance isnt always possible.   However we had a good day.

I insisted we try going out, and since leaving the baby very long is not very feasible, the three of us went out.  After parent teacher conference…romantic huh?  I told him it must have been a good date, I mean he got my shirt off before food arrived.   Ok, so it didn’t exactly go that way.., I nursed the baby to sleep while we waited for our food so even though I ate one handed he was still and quiet.

Friday, actually Valentines Day, I celebrated with 19 Kindergartners…had a blast and enjoyed getting out without babies for a rare treat.  

Friday night I made us all an easy, but nice dinner.  Then we all watched a movie.  

Hubby let me select my own gift at Walmart,  I opted for a new blender for smoothies.   I also got chocolate,  in a bag not a box.   But it was the good stuff. 🙂

One of my favorite Valentines activities was helping Isaac do all his stuff for school.  Using Pinterest for inspiration we made his Valentines box to look like a Lego,  in his favorite red!  I was proud of it, he didn’t win the contest but we couldn’t compare to the elaborate pink and purple castle.   We gave his teacher a brownie mix in a cute presentation, I figured she had plenty mugs and stuffed animals,  who doesn’t like brownies?  Once Isaac learned about Iron Man Valentines,  nothing homemade would work.., bummer for a mama who loves crafts.  


The boys all got a little candy and a toy.   Iron Man Lego for Isaac and an Iron Man mask for James (no more sharing!)


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