Potato Soup Recipe

Its cold and snowy today here in Arkansas, calling for a weeknof this mess.  Perfect weather…for soup that is.

My potato soup recipe came from learning how to make it at a little mom and pop restaurant where I worked.   Now Im not sure this is her exact recipe but I do it this way, it works, we like it!  Sometimes I add some diced cooked ham or broccoli,  its easy to mix it up.

Sorry for lack of measurements, I usually just do it based on how much looks like enough.

Dice potatoes (I did about 6 medium ones), a couple carrots, a couple stalks of celery.   Cover in just enough chicken broth to cover.  Simmer until tender.

When tender, run a potato masher through it.  Dont puree it just to thicken. 

Then add enough milk to make “soupy”.  Salt and pepper to taste.  And about 8oz cubed Velveeta.  (You can use cheddar but Velveeta melts pretty).

Cook on low until cheese melted.  Add more milk if too thick.  Right before serving add about a cup of sour cream.  Top with diced bacon, and any other favorite toppings.


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