James’ Story-His Birth

When Isaac was around two we decided we’d try this again and start trying for another child.  We got pregnant pretty quickly this time, exciting.  However I miscarried very soon into pregnancy.  Then we got pregnant again two months later, I also lost that baby.  Then a couple months later pregnant again…and James was conceived.

We watched things closely.  Got weekly progesterone shots.  At last ultrasound around 23 weeks everything looked great for our baby boy #2.  We were happy, healthy, pregnant, and about to celebrate Isaac’s 3rd birthday.

On Isaac’s birthday, I was feeling great, frazzled because I was tired and all the work I had to do for his amazing (small, family) party I had planned for when I got home from work.  I left a bit early, picked up some lunch, and headed home.  Since it was the 3rd anniversary of our first preemie I was a bit paranoid.  So I called the doc over some minor symptoms, she was also paranoid and suggested I get checked out.  This was NOT in my birthday party plans, but I called everyone and said “its probably nothing, but I’ll let you know if party is a bit late, but dont worry I’m sure everything is fine.”

Got to hospital, joked about about I was probably crazy, nurse checked me.  Said she was having trouble, got head of L&D.  She checked me, checked again, went and got doc.  Doc checked and said, yes, thats what it is…5 cm…go see if we can get a helicopter.  And, again, while everyone was bustling around, my world stopped…I accepted this happened once, but no, it does NOT happen twice…not on the same day…no way no how.  Then the IVs were started and I got loopy…

Helicopters once again were not available, so I got a lovely ambulance ride.  100 miles with lights and sirens…this time I had a smart phone and could text and message people on the way.  Ambulance drivers were rather amused at how laid back I was…I was not in active labor, I was told with hospital bed rest I might actually make it pretty close to term, and if not, I knew where we were going…it was all ok right?

All checked in, told to settle in for long haul, things looked good, and we wouldnt deliver for a while.  I was really annoyed to be missing Isaac’s 3rd birthday though.  He came to visit me that weekend and ate the cake off my lunch tray and we called it a party.  He finished potty training while I was there.  Klay bought me a new lap top so we could skype.  My friends bought me a Kindle.  Klay went home and had Isaac’s birthday party and videoed it for  me.  Everything was going good…for 3 days…

Klay was visiting…he got held up on an errand to get me something (new houseshoes I think) and decided to go ahead and stay the night.  After dinner I was on my regular nightly monitoring…baby did a big flip…I laughed…then nurses came running in because they lost his heartbeat…they finally found it. Then monitoring resumed…then my back started hurting in waves…then I went to rest room and there was blood…nurse called the doctor….

Doc checked me…and looked concerned…he checked again…yup,thats what he felt…feet.  He said they’d get someone in to give me an epi but all he felt was feet so I must be fully dilated.  But since he was footling breech and small we’d go ahead and deliver.  I told him I didnt really need/want the epi unless there was a reason and he said that was fine.  Off to L&D we went….

So we went to deliver…I pushed…we broke my water…then doctor panicked and said prep for C-Section….baby was out to his waist…but I wasnt anymore dilated..I was only 5cm.  NICU nurse showed up, told me she’d take good care of my boy.  I told her his name would be James. I was wheeled to OR…I told anesthesia that that IV burned.  I woke up in recovery looking for my glasses.

Baby James was here, 2lb 2oz , 13 inches long and taken down the hall to the NICU.  A short while later I got sick.  Then I was wheeled to the NICU, I got sick again.  I peeked in at my baby.  I was then taken a couple floors up to recover…alone.  Not pregnant.  No baby.  But at least we were in the same building this time.
I had come to terms with being a preemie mom, but lightening doesnt strike twice right?  This was absolutely not supposed to happen again…no way no how…but it did.  We were here, again…



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