Isaac’s Story-His Birth

We are “Preemie Family”…we have two preemies and one full term baby.  This is a part of our story…

The day Isaac was born started out like any other…I had no idea my life was about to be forever changed.  I woke up, told hubby that my back hurt and went off to work. I liked the outfit I wore that day, so comfy and I felt pretty cute in black capris and black and white sleeveless top.  My back ached all day, weird that it seemed to be in “waves” every 20-30 mins..but hey..I was 28 weeks pregnant..your back hurts then right?  And you “just know” when you are in labor..this didnt hurt THAT bad. Went to a meeting at lunch…I stood…none of the “community leaders” wanted to give up a seat for a pregnant lady.  I got an extra big drink at lunch on my way back to work..I must have been dehydrated or something. \

After work I met hubby at the hospital for the first half of our childbirth class.  She mentioned to call doc or go to hospital if ever had anything timeable.  After class I told her my back was  hurting in “waves” ever 15 minutes…she asked how bad..I said not too bad. She asked if my tummy was tightening, I told her no. She said to go home and put my feet up and drink a big glass of water.  (She would be apologizing to me a few hours later when Isaac was born).

We went home, I put  my feet  up and hubby went to his home office to work on some stuff.  My back was really hurting.  I tried to go to bed, took a Tylenol PM and laid down.  It was really bad.  I felt like I needed to use the bathroom but couldnt.  I spent a while pacing and whining and going to bathroom.  FInally I told hubby I didnt think this was right and maybe we should go to hospital  He said ok, let me finish this up.  I went to restroom, there was blood…we left immediately.

I got to hospital.  Was checked…I was 10cm and doc could feel him….while everyone around me began running and wringing their hands…my world stopped.  You dont have babies at 28 weeks…  I went to the doctor..I took my vitamins.  I got pregnant on purpose..this doesnt happen to people like me.  I asked if he’d be ok…they said they’d try everything they could….

All the helicopters at all the hospitals in the state with NICUs were out busy…I wasnt the only mom having a preemie this night.  Most of the ambulances were out busy.  But Baptist had an ambulance and an on call transport team and they headed my way.  I was asked to try my best to wait until they arrived…I later learned no one thought I could do it.  But the NICU team was his best hope…so I didnt push.  I got a crash course on breathing and the condensed version of the second half of childbirth class I’d never attend…I was apparently pretty good at it.  Hubby was an awesome coach..though at the time I thought he was mean when he yelled at me to breath and not push…but it kept me focused.

NICU team arrived 3 hours later…I pushed a few times and he was born.  Thankfully he came out screaming, I looked up long enough to see him leave the room.  He weighed 2lb14 oz and was 13inches long.  I wouldnt see him again for an hour while he was stablized, intubated, IV started, and in an isolette.

He was brought back to me an hour later, I touched his hand.  There would be no holding for a long time. I was given a book with “what happens now”.  Told what floor he’d be on and how to get there.  Told they would call me in a few hours when docs saw him and stabilized him.  Then he was wheeled out of my room, to go 100 miles away.  I was alone…no longer pregnant.  No baby.  My life had just went down a path I never ever expected…and never ever wanted….



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