New Year Goals

I love New Years…so fresh, so clean, such promise for achieving goals.   Im horrible about making resolutions and not keeping them, however I do figure if I give it a few good weeks its better than nothing right? 

My goals this year are pretty broad.   I want to learn to live happily in the now.  No waiting until xyz before abc.  Less whining more laughing.  

Also have the ever elusive “be more organized” goal.  Which we spent the weekend working on with an impromptu WalMart trip for lovely storage devices, moving of furniture,  and dragging out of all the baby stuff that is being passed on as our last little blessing wraps up his need for them.

Speaking on ending chapters and starting new ones…there has been lots of little milestones lately.   Isaac has his first loose tooth…which is sad to see him getting so big.  I still think of him as my little 3lb miracle.   Thomas is now such a big boy we retired his “baby bucket” carseat and his bouncy seat and brought up exersaucer and highchairs for his enjoyment.   James “gets” begin full fledged potty training soon…maybe next week. 

Daddy Klay had a big birthday this weekend so we snagged two meals.  Yum!

My excitement consisted of my washer finally giving it up with a final hoorah and leaking into laundry room.  But I now have a new one waiting on hubs to put into place.   Which means I can use my cloth diapers again since Ill have a properly functioning washer.

Now we’re snuggled up waiting on cold and hoping for snow, Ive enjoyed Christmas break.




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