2013-In Review

What better way to start the new blog than a year in review post.

This year has been full of excitement.   At the end of 2012 we learned our family would grow.  With our history we didnt know the details of this adventure but we knew God blessed us with this child and it would be ok.  And it was.  In early Spring I had a cerclage placed and at 37 weeks1 day we took it out, and an hour later my water broke.  And Thomas joined our family at a whopping 7lb11.4 oz (compared to his brothers’ birth weights of 2lb14, and 2lb2oz!)

Immediately after coming home we had a big dual birthday party for Isaac and James, who were turning 5 and 2.  We celebrated with a VeggieTales theme.

Then it was time for a new adventure…Kindergarten.  We sent our big boy off to school.  We miss him greatly during the day but he very much enjoys school and is doing quite well, aside from occasionally being too smart for his own good, and bit too social at times.  We did get a scare from Isaac in October when I received a call from school that the ambulance was on its way for my child, he had had a febrile seizure.  We will visit Children’s this February to follow up on that.

Halloween gave us a cute crew of a knight, a monkey and a horse.

Thanksgiving left us with plenty to be Thankful for.

Christmas left us with a case of the flu for the whole family.  Which brings us to today, snug in our warm house, playing trains, awaiting for 2014 to come around.










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